How to detect if you have a leak

Water leaks can be disastrous for your home, and even small ones can soon escalate into bigger problems that could eventually lead to structural and irreversible damage. One of our specialties is leak investigations and repairs, and we know that early detection can make the world of difference to help save you thousands of dollars in repairs. One of the key signs that you have a problem is a spike in your monthly water bill, as a leak somewhere in your home will lead to an increase in consumption. However, there are numerous other tell-tale signs that you may have an issue in your home, so here are a few ways to detect if you have a leak and what you should do about it.

Check your water bill

The easiest thing to do is check and monitor your monthly water bill. You should be doing this anyway, but if you’ve picked up your bill for the first time in a long time and noticed a sudden increase in usage, you may have a leak on ¬†your hands. Take into consideration things like periods of increased consumption, such as around Christmas time or if you’ve had guests to stay, as well as things like water rate increases. However, sudden spikes or consistently higher-than-normal water bills are key indicators that there’s a leak somewhere¬†on your property.

Check for physical signs

Another very simple way to detect if you have a leak is to look out for visible markings on the walls. If you notice water marks on your ceiling, discolouration on your walls or floor, or pools of water that don’t go away around the exterior of your home, this is a sign you may have a problem. If water is coming from the exterior of your home – such as through the roof – make sure to mark out where the water is seeping in as it’s not always easy to detect exactly where the water is leaking from when it’s dry. Look out for physical signs of an issue, such as wet carpets, dripping taps, bad smells and consistent patches of mould.

What to do if you think you have a leak?

A leak shouldn’t be left and ignored, as it will only get worse, which will cost you much more money in the long run. Call out your local contractor who specializes in detecting leaks to try to pinpoint the issue and assess whether the leak has caused any structural damage.

One of our many specialties is leak detection, so get in touch with us today if you need a Vancouver-based contracting company to come and take a look at your property and detect if you have a leak.

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