How to give your home a spring makeover

It feels like this winter has lasted longer than usual, but spring is finally on the way and it’s time to start getting excited about the warmer months. Spring is the perfect time for a refresh and to get rid of the remnants of winter and introduce fresh colours and styles into your home. Whether you’re looking to make some big changes, or if you want to give your home a mini facelift on a small budget, there are plenty of ways to give your home a spring makeover to make your space feel as good as new.

Add greenery

Nothing says spring like some beautiful, fresh greenery in the home. Create a little herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, invest in some large plant pots and extravagant plants for the living area or bathroom, or get a built-in indoor plant frame to go in your kitchen. Indoor plants are very popular right now and it’s a great way to bring your home to life as you undertake a spring makeover and prepare for summer.

Improve your shelving

It’s been a while now since the post-Christmas declutter, and in the madness of January and February, you’ve probably acquired quite a lot of clutter and boxes. Take your spring makeover cleaning to the next level by completely getting rid of extra waste, and then organize your items with new, custom-built shelving. Especially in your home office and laundry room, shelving is invaluable and whether it’s more for show or for function, it will definitely give your home the update it needs.

Revamp your living room

We spend so much time in our living rooms, so it only makes sense to give it a spring makeover. Updating your living room doesn’t necessarily mean investing in expensive items or renovations. It can be something as simple as painting the walls a different colour, getting new flooring installed, creating a gallery wall, or updating your furniture.

Create a new space entirely

While we tend to hibernate in the winter months, spring opens up our eyes and allows us to see the potential in our homes. If you have a basement space that you don’t use, and you’re in need of an extra living space, consider converting your basement into an entertainment room, office, or chill-out zone, or completely renovate by creating a rental suite down there to increase the value of your home.

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