How to give your patio a full makeover

Patio season is in full swing and it’s so nice being able to enjoy your back yard in the sunshine. However, over time, your patio can very easily get worn down and sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening. Then, there comes a day when you notice the cracks in the decking, the fading on your furniture and lackluster flower beds. You realize that it might be time to give your patio a refresh. Don’t worry, this happens to all of us which is why we want to provide our best tips on how to give your outdoor space a full makeover and key things to address.

gazebo patio


Decking is great, and it’s a must-have feature if you spend a lot of time eating and entertaining outdoors. If you have a full stretch of garden or lawn to work with, there are plenty of ways you can add decking to your space. Install it close to the house to create an extended dining area. Alternatively, install it in another area of the garden covered by a pagoda so you have a completely separate chill-out space.

If you already have decking but it’s looking a little worn, call out your local contractor to see how you can give it a makeover. If it’s slightly worn, you might just need a fresh coat of paint and sealing. However, if rotting or splitting and serious damage has occurred, this might require a bit more work to get it back to a good condition.

New furniture

Sometimes, all that’s needed to give your patio a full makeover is some new furniture. Replace those plastic deck chairs with a wicker sofa set, or a wooden outdoor space table and either a bench or rustic chairs. Outdoor space heaters are great features as they allow you to enjoy your patio even when it’s chilly, and a plain black or white umbrella can make your yard look chic while also providing shade when you need it.

Outdoor lights

Lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your patio. Outdoor lighting is a wonderful addition, and there are many styles to choose from. If you’re considering building a new wall, install small spot lights between the bricks for a very elegant look. Path lights are nice and can be used to frame out a space or light up a pathway. Up lighting works great underneath trees, and wall lanterns look striking on the side of the house. Consider solar lighting too as they don’t require wiring or electricity.

Give it a wash!

Pressure washing your patio can go a long way! If your outdoor space is looking a bit dull and dirty, first we suggest using a pressure washer to get rid of any grime and make it look brand new. Weed the garden and get rid of any moss or unwanted greenery that’s peeking through the outdoor space or decking, and tidy up the planters for a very quick refresh.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to give your patio a full makeover, get in touch with us at Steelhead Contracting today to discuss more ideas!

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