Backyard hardscape ideas you’ll love


Summer is on its way so it’s a good time to start thinking about your outdoor space. Make a change this year and transform your backyard into an open-aired living area. It’s easy to take the indoors outside and extend your living space into the garden. To give you some inspiration here are a few backyard hardscape ideas you’ll love.


Decking is the perfect enhancement to any backyard. Think practically when planning your deck and if you want to use it as an outdoor dining or seating area, make sure you can easily access it from the house.


Imagine cozying up on a summer’s evening and roasting marshmallows by the backyard fire. Create an outdoor living area with comfy wicker chairs, a wooden coffee table and a stone fireplace. This is the perfect space for entertaining friends or gathering with the family after dinner. If a gas fireplace or firepit is more your style, there are myriad designs from which to choose.

Water feature

Recreate the sounds of a babbling brook by installing a water feature in your backyard. Surround the feature with pretty flowers and a few benches to create a little area of tranquility just steps from your home.

Secret garden

If you have a good-sized backyard a secret garden is a lovely feature. Create a quiet spot for reading or your morning coffee away from the house, and surround the area with trees and plants for the ultimate hideaway.

There are so many creative ways you can maximize your outdoor space. Get in touch with us for more backyard hardscape ideas so you can get your garden prepped for a summer of outdoor fun!


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