Creative home office design

It’s more common than ever to work from home, especially if you have a flexible job or you run your own business. When designed properly, home offices can be functional spaces with plenty of storage, shelving, and comfort. If you’re hoping to revamp your working environment to inspire and motivate yourself when working from home, there are plenty of creative home office designs out there to choose from. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Under-the-bed office

Especially if you live in a condo you may be struggling for space and a place to put your desk or office area. As a home office design compromise why not get rid of your floor bed and install a loft bed instead. This is essentially a single or double bed that’s elevated off the ground, and you can install a desk area underneath and make maximum use of your space. Get your bed custom built and use storage boxes or small shelving to store your files.


Custom-built storage

If you want to tailor your home office to fit your preferences, why not get custom built storage or shelving? This home office design will allow you to position your shelving where you want, size it properly to fit your folders, and make the most of the wall space for extra storage. Opt for white cabinets or shelving for a bright and airy feel, or go for dark wood if you want something more cosy.

Under the stairs

Another great place to position your home office is under the stairs. Make use of every bit of space you have by carving out part of the underside of the staircase and installing a small shelving unit and desk. This is perfect if you can’t allocate a whole room for your office, but you need a desk space for your computer and work.

Library office

Why not really go all out and transform your spare room or current work area into a library office? If you own a large collection of books, create a home library office and a space where you can work and your family can enjoy some down time after hours. Opt for a dark wood theme for something a little more traditional, or keep it white and bright for a refreshing feel.

There are many great ways that you can transform your workspace and create the office you’ve always wanted. Looking for a Burnaby renovation specialist to complete your home office transformation? Get in touch with us today!


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