If you’re planning a kitchen renovation consider an indoor herb garden

Some of us dream of having a gourmet kitchen: the 6+ burner gas range, the double-oven and the huge double-door-with-secret-storage fridge, but the actual size of our kitchen probably rules out those fancy appliances.

However even the smallest kitchen can make space for this gem.




Imagine having the freshest herbs and greens right at your fingertips. Freshly plucked thyme for your roast chicken, or crispy, aromatic arugula in your salad? How about some beet tops, buckwheat or flax? Well, you can, and you don’t need to grab your umbrella and don your wellies to gather greens from your garden. Nor do you have to fill every windowsill in your kitchen to create your own “Zero Mile Diet”.


The Urban Cultivator is an all-in-one indoor home garden that provides perfect growing conditions for all your favourite herbs, microgreens and vegetables. Designed to fit under the counter it can also be a stand-alone feature in your kitchen, with the addition of castors and a butcher block top.

If a kitchen renovation is in your sights and you’re keen on the idea of incorporating this mini-hydroponic marvel on your home improvement list, contact us and we’ll show you how we can make this happen.


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