Summer interior trends

Summer is the season of fresh blooms, vivacious colours, and bright, airy spaces, and there’s something beautiful about summery decor in the home. Whether you’re looking to decorate your summer house, you want to change things up for summer, or you simply want to enjoy summer-style interior design all year round, there are plenty of creative ways you can decorate your home and recreate that warm weather feel. To give you some inspiration, here are a few summer interior trends to incorporate into your home so your space feels bright and vibrant, whatever the season.

Beach style

Whether you live by the beach or not, beach style decor never goes out of style in a summer interior. Incorporate deep, ocean blues and whites into your decor to recreate a beach house vibe and a lovely, relaxed space. Opt for exposed wood, such as wooden beams, rustic wood flooring, or a wooden staircase, and team it with fresh white paint and shades of blue.  The beach look is a very simple style to recreate and you can easily decorate your house in this way with cushions, throws, and nautical accessories if you don’t want to change your core features.

All white

The all-white trend is very fitting for summer and it’s a design that can be carried through to other seasons. All white kitchens, in particular, are very popular at the moment since they brighten up the space and look clean, crisp, and refreshing. If you want to break up the white with summer-inspired styles, incorporate grey or stone ceramic tiling into the design and enhance the space with silver or brass light fixtures, plants and flowers, and mirrors. If you’re struggling for floor space or you don’t want your home to feel too cluttered, consider adding custom shelving for all your summer-interior style accessories.


If you want to feel like you’re on vacation every day, the tropical summer interior may be right for you.Tropical decor tends to incorporate various shades of green, white and cream, and plenty of wood and natural materials. Opt for large plant pots or even better, oversized hanging plants, woven furniture, and tropical prints. The tropical style is all about open spaces, comfort and natural elements, so consider an airier space rather than small rooms, and open, arched doorways rather than traditional doors. You could also extend the tropical style to your garden, with wooden decking, wicker furniture, or a pergola or trellis for climbing plants.

Looking for other summer interior trends that you can incorporate into your home year-round? Get in touch with us today to discuss more unique ways you can renovate and create your dream house.

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