How to prep your yard for winter

Winter is on its way and now is a very crucial time if you want to keep your garden in tip-top condition and get it ready for the cold months ahead. Many people fall into the habit of neglecting their yard as soon as the summer sun comes to an end, but all this does is create more work for you the following year and you end up killing much of your garden. We recommend setting aside a few days to get everything ready, keep your lawn healthy, fix what is necessary and generally give your garden the TLC it needs. Here’s how to prep your yard for winter and things to focus on.

General clean up

Fall is beautiful as the leaves all turn orange and create a golden glow in your yard. However, those stunning leaves will eventually fall off, so you need to make sure you add raking up the leaves to your to-do list to prep your yard. The last thing you want is a layer of leaves covering the lawn all winter as it can lead to a build-up of more debris and moss, it’ll stop your lawn from draining properly and it won’t be good for the health of your lawn. Trim down your bushes, get rid of any huge weeds coming through and generally just clean up the garden so it’s easier to maintain.

Repair your shed and woodwork

Rather than leaving any repair work until next year, why not get on top of it now before the bad weather sets in? If you have a leaky shed, if your trellises are weak or if your fence is broken, get it fixed now by your local contractor so the damage doesn’t worsen over winter. Strong winds, rain, snow and storms will all turn small repair jobs into costly projects, so nip the damage in the bud and get it seen to before winter arrives.

Prep your lawn

Another essential to think about when you prep your yard for winter is to look after your lawn. Winter is the off-season for your lawn, but that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect it. Start off by mowing your lawn, and then spike holes in it using a garden fork to aerate it, break up any dry soil and allow nutrients and water to flow freely. Seed your lawn to fill in any bare spots, and use an eco-friendly fertilizer to keep it nice and green. This will ensure that your lawn gets a head-start and that it doesn’t die during winter.

You may need to set some time aside to prep your yard for winter but it’s well worth it. If you spot any damage to your garden features or woodwork, give Steelhead Contracting a call today and we’ll get your yard ready for the winter ahead!


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