Telltale signs your deck needs replacing

Summer is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to start sprucing up your yard and getting it ready for the warm months. A wooden deck is one of the most sought-after features in a yard, especially as it creates the perfect area to chill out and dine outdoors.

Decks are classic features and very aesthetically pleasing, however, they don’t last forever and over time the wood can become rotten and wear away. If you have a deck it’s important that you conduct a few checks each year to make sure it’s still strong and sturdy, and that the wood hasn’t worn down. Here are a few telltale signs your deck needs replacing, and things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your decking.

wood deck

Rotting wood or obvious damage

One of the most obvious telltale signs your deck needs replacing is rotting or damaged wood. Wood can wear over the years from rain and extreme weather, insects, and excessive use, and it will eventually become more brittle and weak. If your wood is flaking away or it’s shifting as you walk on it, or you notice that a lot of the panels have split, that is a telltale sign it’s time for an update.

You may be able to get your decking repaired instead, depending on the extent of the damage, but it’s best to speak with your local contractor and they can advise whether the wood can be salvaged.

Unsteady structure

If your deck is on a raised platform, it’s doubly important that the structure is stable and strong. Check the ledger, which is the framing material that attaches the decking to your home. This should be properly attached with lag screws and shouldn’t sway or move. If it does, make sure you get it looked at as soon as possible. If it’s too unsteady to stand on, then it’s definitely time to look at getting a replacement or repair.

Loose railings

Another thing to look out for is loose railings. The last thing you want is to be leaning over the side of your railing and have it give way, especially if your deck is raised. Pay special attention to this after the winter months and extreme weather, as wind and snow can all contribute to damaging the wood and making it weak. If the wood is rotten, these may need replacing altogether, but if they’ve simply come loose you should be able to get them tightened. This is an important safety feature so don’t delay getting this seen to.

You’ve patched it up many times already

Sometimes it’s just better to start afresh, so if you’ve patched up your deck more times than you can remember and it’s still looking old and weathered, it may be time for an upgrade. The key things to look out for are mould and rotting, as well as splitting wood, and you have to use common sense, and if it simply doesn’t feel safe anymore, that’s a telltale sign your deck needs replacing.

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