How to keep your home organized during a renovation

A home renovation brings a combination of excitement and stress. There’s so much to think about, from the design to the decor to the construction, and you also have to balance that with everyday life. That’s why organization is so crucial when you’re renovating your home, as it helps to keep things orderly and takes a lot of stress away from living in a construction zone.

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Whether you’re doing a big renovation, updating your kitchen or simply revamping your decor, organization is key to keeping things as low-stress as possible.

So if you’re planning your first home renovation project or you’re simply looking for a few tips from the experts, here’s how to keep your home organized during a renovation.

Label everything

One of our best and most simple tips to keep your home organized during a renovation is to label everything. No doubt your plates, cutlery and skillets, clothes, decor and other household items will all be going into boxes or storage while the work is being done. It’s essential, therefore, that you label everything properly so you know exactly where things are in case you need to find them.

Keep your house as tidy as possible

When you’re renovating your home, for a short while you’ll lose the space that’s being renovated/updated and you may have to cram two rooms’ worth of stuff into one space. This is why it’s so important to keep your house as tidy as possible. It’ll make finding things a bit easier and you won’t feel overwhelmed with mess and clutter.

Know where your valuables are

There’s nothing worse than have a mad panic when you aren’t sure where your valuables are. Keep things like expensive jewellery and other sentimental items out of reach and locked in a safe, especially since you’ll have people constantly in and out of your home. It doesn’t hurt to be safety conscious when doing a home renovation and it helps to know exactly where your valuables are and where you’ve stored them.

Plan your routine

If you’re just starting to pack away certain rooms to allow for the renovation work to begin and you’re not sure what to keep out and what to pack away, visualize your daily routine and what you’ll need. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, think about where your temporary kitchen setup will be located and your essentials, such as the kettle, microwave and fridge. Consider your daily needs and the things you need to keep out, and what you can happily store away. Think about upcoming special events and what you’ll need for those so you’re not having to rummage through your storage boxes.

Work with reliable contractors

Ultimately the contractors you work with can make a huge difference to the organization of your home when you’re renovating. Find professionals who are trusted and reliable, who value keeping a safe and tidy space, and who will help to make the renovation process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Looking for other ways to keep your home organized during a renovation? Get in touch with us today for more tips or to chat about your Vancouver home reno project!

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