Signs that your porch needs replacing

The porch, or deck, is one of the best areas of the home, especially during the summer when you can relax outside with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. However we tend not to spend so much time on our porch during the winter, which means we’re less likely to catch any signs of damage or indicators that a little work may need doing.

Your porch has to withstand a range of temperatures and precipitation as well as foot traffic, so it can easily wear down over time if it’s not looked after properly. Here are a few signs that your porch needs replacing and things to look out for.

Sagging or leaky roof

Just like the roof of your home, the roof of your porch also needs caring for. If you notice that there are water marks on the underside of the roof, if it’s starting to sag or if it’s leaking, these are all key signs that your roof needs replacing. Keep an eye out for brown stains and soft spots in the roof, and inspect the shingles for any damage after big storms.

Rotten wood

Rotting wood is a tell-tale sign that your porch may need replacing or at least repairing. Rot essentially compromises the strength and safety of the whole structure, so it’s something you need to get seen to right away. It’s especially common in wet climates – such as the West Coast – and it can make your porch unstable and potentially dangerous depending on where the rot has occurred. If the problem is minor, your local contractor may be able to replace the rotten areas, but if it’s widespread you may need a whole new deck altogether.

Wobbly stairs and railings

If your home is raised and you have a staircase that leads up to your door, or if you have railings around your porch area, it’s important to assess these areas too. You want to make sure your staircase and railings are nice and sturdy before winter and bad weather hits.

It’s old and dated

Even if your porch isn’t severely damaged, if it’s old and dated then why not give it a refresh? If you have a larger budget you may be able to completely replace it, but even with a smaller budget you can get creative with paint and furniture. Bring in your local contractor to reinforce the structure and it’ll be as good as new!

Are you familiar with one of these signs that your porch needs replacing? If so, give us a call today if you’re looking for a contractor in Vancouver to fix your porch!

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