Traditional and vintage can meet modern

Traditional and vintage-style homes are very much on-trend nowadays. While contemporary design trends are very popular, traditional and vintage elements are no longer seen as old-fashioned, but rather sought-after features in a home. Whether you have a fairly new property and you want to add some character, or a heritage home that you want to revamp, there are plenty of traditional and vintage elements to incorporate into your home that look stunning. Here are a few of our favourites:

Built-in features

Built-in features are very desirable nowadays and they can make your home much more streamlined and efficient. Custom and built-in cabinets, wardrobes and storage all allow you to make better use of your space and tailor it to your needs. Some of our favourite built-in features include custom designed walk-in closets, benches under big windows, and cosy nooks built in underneath the stairs.

Ceramic tiling

Ceramic tiling allows you to create a luxurious, spa-like feel in your home. By including styles from around the world you can create your very own bathroom oasis with ceramic floor and wall tiles. They come in all different shapes and sizes so there are many options from which to choose, and traditional and vintage elements to incorporate into your home.

Large windows

Oversized or floor-to-ceiling windows can give your home a more traditional and vintage feel, and make it seem much larger than it is. Big windows allow loads of light to stream into your home, and for a more traditional look opt for stained glass windows or detailing.

Crown mouldings

There’s something beautiful about crown moulding detailing on the walls and ceiling, and it’s a feature that’s coveted in more traditional homes. Crown moulding can make a simple space look classic, and if you pair it with some luxury curtains and on-trend furnishings it will look elegant and timeless rather than old-fashioned. Speak to your local contractor about what kind of millwork can be done in your home and it will make your space feel extra luxe!

Wooden elements

White kitchens are very popular right now, but for those wanting more traditional or vintage touches, adding wooden elements is a great option. Wooden or butcher block worktops, ceiling beams or cabinet hardware are simple yet effortless ways to achieve that old-home charm, and blending modern and traditional styles can look beautiful.

Want some more ideas on traditional and vintage elements to bring into your home? Whether you’re in Vancouver, Burnaby or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland, get in touch with us today to discuss your renovation and how we can add charm and character to your property.

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