Types of interior doors to choose from when renovating

One of the biggest challenges our customers face when renovating their homes is deciding on the finishing touches. Kitchen styles and designs, windows, door types, flooring and colour schemes are all difficult decisions to make simply because there are so many styles out there on the market.

However we want to help you make the decision-making process a bit easier, especially when it comes to interior doors. Read on to learn more about the types of interior doors to choose from when renovating and our best tips for picking the best style for your space.

single hinged interior door

Single-action hinged interior doors

This is the most common type of interior door with a hinge on one side, and it’s the door type you’d typically find in a house. These work well in most areas of the home where you have space, such as the bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.

bifold interior door

Bifold doors

Bifold interior doors are perfect in slightly smaller areas. These are often used for closets, linen closets, pantries, and other areas where you want to save space as they’re very compact. Bifold doors slide on a runner and fold to one side.double interior doors

Double doors

Double doors can look very grand and majestic, and they’re often installed to join a living room and dining room, or between a living room and kitchen. They both open outwards, so are a great option if you want to create a separation between rooms but equally, have the option to keep the space open and free-flowing too. If you want to create a seamless and flowing space, you should consider having glass incorporated into the design.

pocket interior door

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are very clever as they slide into the wall. These are really useful for the bathroom, where you have little space for a door, or for in pantries and home offices. It’s best to install a pocket door while the renovation work is being completed rather than later down the line, as they need to cut into the wall.

barn interior doors

Barn doors

An alternative to pocket doors are barn doors, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they provide space-saving options for privacy they also look great, and, as many are constructed from reclaimed wood, they’re eco-friendly too!

This is just a small sample of the types of interior doors to choose from when renovating, and there are also many designs. The key is to think about the function of your space, how much room you will have, and how you will use the door. For example, bifold doors are slightly less heavy-duty than traditional single doors, so a bifold door may wear down over time. You should also think about the aesthetic, and remember that inserting glass into the door can make a huge amount of difference in terms of how much light comes in and how open your space feels. Glass wouldn’t be suitable for a bedroom or bathroom though, for example, and a barn door wouldn’t provide as much soundproofing as a pocket door or single hinged door, so it’s important to think about the use of your space.

Need some inspiration and ideas when looking for interior doors for your renovation? Get in touch with us today to discuss more styles and chat about your renovation project.

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