2018 Bathroom design trends

Every year new and different design trends roll around and it’s always exciting learning what’s on trend. We love incorporating cool and fun designs into our client’s homes, and sometimes even small, subtle changes can make a huge difference. Even simply changing your toilet, vanity unit, lighting fixtures and accessories can transform the feel of your space. So if you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom this year, here are some popular bathroom design trends for 2018 to keep in mind.

bathroom design trends 2018

Bamboo features

Bamboo is very popular at the moment largely because it’s so eco-friendly. It’s stylish, it’s durable and affordable, so it’s very appealing. It grows very quickly which makes it a sustainable material. It’s also almost half the price of hardwood, so it’s a great choice for flooring as well as for cabinets and other decor. Bamboo can usually be stained to match the aesthetic of your bathroom and it’s fairly water resistant.

Spa style

Who doesn’t want a spa in their bathroom? Although this isn’t a specific bathroom design for 2018, we think spa style bathrooms will always be on trend and we wanted to bring it up, as spas are a great place to find inspiration for your bathroom. Perhaps opt for a deep soaker tub, dimmable lighting, underfloor heating, and soft textures and colours to create that true spa experience.


Technology is advancing rapidly, and high-tech accessories for bathrooms are now very on trend. Think built-in speakers and TVs. Or digital showers so you can adjust the temperature and flow and get the exact shower experience you want. What about cool lighting effects to set the right mood? As well as low-flow toilets and showers so your space is also eco-friendly.

Bathtub in the bedroom

Now, this one might not be for everyone but if you want to create a really cool and unique bedroom space, how about having a bathtub in the bedroom? This is a great way to mix things up and from a design perspective the possibilities are endless. It’s also a great option if you want a bath tub but it won’t fit in your existing bathroom space.

What do you think of these bathroom design trends for 2018? We’d love to hear what your favourite trends are!

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