Popular home renovation trends for 2018

A new year brings a new set of trends, and 2018 is set to bring some really exciting styles and ideas in the world of interior design and home renovation. As professional contractors, we love reflecting back over the years to see how our clients’ needs and what designs they’re looking for has changed. The start of a year is very exciting and there are some lovely trends that are due to emerge this year. If you’re planning a home improvement project in the coming months, take a look at these popular home renovation trends for 2018 to keep you inspired.

Bold colours

The last few years have been all about neutrals and white, grey and brown tones. But this year, things are about to change! Bold colours, especially in key pieces of furniture like sofas, are thought to be very on-trend for 2018. Reds, blues and greens are all popular renovation trends, and you can really make a statement with bold colours. If you aren’t quite ready to ditch your neutral sofa, why not use bold throws and cushions to brighten up your space instead.

The Pantone Color Institute is recognized around the world as a leading source of colour information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom colour development, and palette recommendations. Each year the Institute selects a “Colour of the Year” that they feel reflects what’s trending in the world of design. Their 2018 Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet (see above image). For more information about this colour and recommended palettes, click here.

Mixed metals

Mixing different types of metal finishes are very common renovation trends at the moment, and brass is popular this year especially for kitchen faucets as well as light fixtures and cabinet hardware. Gone are the days of sticking to just one finish – you can now blend brass, gold, silver, and black nickel, and it just works!

Wide plank wood and hardwood floors

We’ve always had a love for hardwood floors which is why it’s great to see that wide plank wood is a renovation trend for 2018. The wide plank look helps to make your space feel much larger, and depending on the way you finish the wood, it can give your home a really rustic and characterful feel. Nowadays, people are mixing rustic wood with modern kitchen cabinets as well as industrial-style finishings and really creating an eclectic design mix. Hardwood lasts for decades so it’s a great investment.


Millwork has always been a beautiful feature in homes, but we’re thrilled to see that it’s one of the prevalent home renovation trends for 2018. Millwork can make your home feel elegant, luxurious and unique, and there are so many ways you can incorporate wood into your home. Bedroom feature walls are also very popular for this year, so call in your local carpenter or renovation specialist to chat about how you can mix millwork into your decor.

Looking for more popular home renovation trends for 2018? Get in touch with us today to discuss some ideas for your home!


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