Pros and cons of an open concept house

If you stay on top of home design trends you’ll know that open concept houses are very popular at the moment. Many new homes are being built with open plan living spaces, and a lot of older homes are being renovated to incorporate this modern style. Open concept houses often involve a combined kitchen and living area, open bathrooms in bedrooms and fewer compartmentalized rooms to create a roomier space.

Open concept houses aren’t for everyone as they don’t offer the best soundproofing and privacy. They do, however, create a more social and open space which is great to help the family stay connected. Here are a few pros and cons of an open concept house to consider.


Visually connected space

One of the nicest pros of an open concept house is that you achieve a visually connected space. Open homes have a beautiful flow between rooms and it’s very pleasing to the eye, so for those who are keen on interior design an open concept house is the perfect canvas.

Great for entertaining

Another great benefit of open plan homes is the social element. The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and it’s often where people gravitate to when you’re entertaining. Open concept kitchen and living rooms are great for when you’re hosting, and it’s also a lovely way to keep the family together rather than in separate corners of the home!

Airier space

A more open space will make your home feel bigger, brighter and airier even if you have limited square footage, which is great for smaller and more compact homes.


Poor soundproofing

One complaint of open concept houses is soundproofing, as you don’t have as many walls to block out the sound. This may be problematic when entertaining, for example, as it’s harder to create separation.

Harder to hide mess

Open concept homes are wonderful as they flow beautifully, but only when they look put together and tidy! If you’re not the tidiest person, consider incorporating sliding doors into your design so that any mess isn’t visible all the time.

Less privacy

Many people are opting for open living room and office areas, or bathroom and bedrooms, but this does mean that you sacrifice privacy. To get around this, you may want to have an open plan kitchen and living room with a second, closed-off lounge area or office so you and your family can enjoy a bit more privacy.

Still thinking about the pros and cons of an open concept house and if it’s for you? Get in touch with us today to discuss design ideas and how we can help your idea come to life.

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