Unique ways to design your rooftop patio

Spring is in full swing and summer will be here before we know it, so now is a great time to start refreshing your outdoor areas and getting them ready for the warmer months ahead. If your house or condo has a rooftop patio, there are many fun ways you can design your terrace and fully make the most of the space.

Think fireplaces, lounge areas, dining tables, lights, candles, plants, you name it – the possibilities are endless. Your rooftop patio can be designed to be an extension of your living space and if you style it properly, you can create a space that can be used for the majority of the year. Here are a few unique ways to design your rooftop patio to give you some ideas.

rooftop patio

Entertainment area

Rooftop patios always make wonderful entertainment areas. Especially if your terrace has a lovely view, you can really create a magical space that’s perfect for summer BBQs and gatherings, night time cocktails and get-togethers. Depending on the size of your patio, you could build in a mini-bar, featuring cabinets for glasses and plates, a small fridge, and other essentials to serve up food and drinks for your guests.

You could also install a fold-down projector screen as well as a mounted projector, so you can create an outdoor movie area and relax on bean bags or sofas. Fire pits also work well on patios, as do hot tubs.

Chill out zone

Rooftop patios really are beautiful spaces. Moody lighting, such as lanterns and fairy lights, will help to create a chilled-out ambiance so your terrace can be a place to escape to. Design your space with a comfy couch, big throws and cushions, and perhaps even a pergola so you can find shade from the sun as well as protection from drizzle and rain.

Buy a waterproof speaker for music, some large candles, decorate with large planters and a patio heater and finish off the space with some nice decking. This is a very unique way to design your rooftop patio and a lovely way to create another living area in your home.


There’s something nice about having greenery in the home. If you live in the city but love feeling immersed in nature, why not create your very own green space? Get wooden planters built in and create a small garden area, or go one step further by getting a lawn laid down so it feels like you have a proper yard. If you want even more greenery, invest in small trees or even a Wisteria vine over a garden trellis to create a secret garden vibe and an escape from the city.

Looking for more ideas and unique ways to design your rooftop patio? Get in touch with us to discuss ideas and how you can revamp your rooftop space.

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