Whether you're planning to finish your basement or build a brand new house, as specialists in home renovations in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland we'll help bring your dream home to fruition.



Commercial projects undertaken by Steelhead Contracting cover an extensive range of services including tenant improvements, seismic upgrades and remedial work.

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From changing ballasts, deck repairs, installing pavers, and troubleshooting leaks, to building envelope rehabilitation, Steelhead Contracting is the Property Manager's one-stop-shop.


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Are all general contractors sharks?

You've probably seen the TV shows where homeowners have beenleft in the lurch by a contractor who took their money and disappaeared before finishing the job. Sometimes the work wasn't completed according to building regulations. Or - even worse - their home was left in an uninhabitable condition.

So how do you separate the sharks from the serious, reputable contractors? Find out here ...

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