Bathroom remodelling ideas to modernize your space

If your bathroom is looking a bit out of date and in need of a revamp, you’ve got a very exciting project on your hands. There are so many great ways you can update your bathroom regardless of the size, and there are plenty of design styles and features to choose from. We actually spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, so it’s nice if your bathroom space is up to date and a little heavenly oasis where you can escape your daily stresses. Here are a few bathroom remodelling ideas to modernize your space if you’re looking for inspiration.

New tiles and colour scheme

Simply giving your tiles a facelift can make a huge difference to your bathroom. There’s nothing worse than old, worn tiles, especially if they’re stained or generally just look dated. A very quick and affordable fix is to paint over the tiles, and a more permanent fix is to replace the tiles entirely. Large wall tiles give the illusion of a larger space and look very sleek and modern.

Install new countertops

Your bathroom countertops can make the world of difference and really transform the look and feel of your space. There are many different countertop styles and materials to choose from, the most popular being granite, marble, stone, tile and wood. If you’re just installing new countertops, make sure they match the cabinets and existing floor for seamless integration.

Give the bath a facelift

If your bath is old and worn it may be time to replace it. The type of bathtub you choose can really transform the style of your space. Keep in mind that by getting a new bathtub, you may also have to replace the floor and wall tiles at the same time as the sizing may be different. If you’re looking for a quick revamp, bathtub liners are a great option. These are custom made and moulded to the shape and style of your bathtub, and fit over the existing bathtub like a glove without the need to get a whole new bath!

Oversized mirror

Mirrors work wonders in revamping a space and they can make your bathroom look bigger and more modern in an instant. Antique mirrors look beautiful in a more vintage-style bathroom, whereas large round or square mirrors look ultra modern, especially if they’re oversized.

Upgrade the shower-head

Create your very own bathroom oasis by upgrading the shower-head. Rain showers are very popular and a simple shower-head replacement can completely transform the way you enjoy your bathroom.

Looking for other bathroom remodelling ideas to modernize your space? Reach out today to talk about ideas and how you can update your bathroom.

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