5 Easy tips to bring Feng Shui to your apartment

The new year is well underway, however, we are still discovering the new you. Moving into a new apartment? Or are you already in an apartment that needs a facelift? We’ve got 5 great ways for you to bring Feng Shui into your space! Did you know a laundry room could be cute? Could an office be organized like a dream (or at least look like it is?) Get the Pinterest apartment of your dreams with these tips.

Plants, plants, and more plants!

Some green is the best way to bring life into any room. Plants can even increase the humidity in your apartment. This is good during the winter months when the air in your home is very dry. Some plants can be hard to have in a dark space (for those of you living in a basement suite), but that doesn’t mean they’re a no-go. The following are some suggestions for houseplants:

Ones to put in the sun:

  • King Palm plant

Ones that survive in the dark:

  • Snake Plant
  • Baby Cactus
Area rugs are your new best friend

Area rugs can bring that homey vibe to a lacklustre room and are a great way to define spaces, especially if they’re in an open concept area. Dark hardwood floors are a beautiful and popular staple for many homes. However they can suck the light from some spaces, especially corridors without windows. Runner rugs in a lighter tone will break up this flooring to give you the best mix of richness and airiness. If you already have a carpet, have no fear, you can still use rugs! The only time we’d advise against it is if your carpet has a funky pattern.

Add personality

Don’t forget; this is your place! Rather than including only great art pieces, your perfect aesthetic mirror, etc., try framing a picture of you and your best friend, or a piece of memorabilia from a special vacation. When you customize your place it’ll add that needed personality to show it’s yours.

Create sneaky storage

Offering plenty of vertical (yet still sneaky) storage space, a small ladder can be nestled into any nook to satisfy your organization needs. By doing this you have just welcomed some height into your home with a comfortable and elegant storage option for your blankets and towels.

White space is a good thing

When first moving into your empty apartment, you may have an urge to get decorating, and decorating fast! Before you completely cover the walls with picture frames and tapestries, stop! Having white space on your walls plays a crucial role in it feeling open and airy. If you clutter your walls, the area can feel cramped. But, if you can’t live with an empty wall, try hanging a large mirror instead.

So there you have it! Five tips to incorporate Feng Shui into your apartment, home, or condo. If you’re a millennial living in Vancouver it’s probably your one bedroom micro-suite you share with three of your friends. If you can accomplish all five of these tips, you’ll attract a lot of good into your home and make this winter your best one yet! Have fun and come back for more home inspiration soon!

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