Home improvements to tackle in summer

Summer is a great time of year to complete renovation work around the home. Good weather, little rain and longer days all mean that renovations run much smoother than in the winter months, and you’re always more willing to get outside and work on the house when the sun is shining! If your home is in need of a few touch-ups but you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few home improvements to tackle in summer that you should consider.

Exterior painting

If the exterior of your home needs a little love, summer is the best time to do home improvements. Rain-free weather means that your paint won’t get ruined as it’s drying so it makes sense to do it during the drier months. Summer is also a good time to complete interior painting work, as you can have the doors and windows open to ventilate and air out the house and still be at a comfortable temperature indoors. For exterior painting, call in your local contractor especially since scaffolding may be required.

Deck and porch repair

No doubt you want to be able to enjoy your deck and porch in the summer, so it’s important that it’s in good shape and is safe to use. If your deck or porch is rotting, unsteady or the wood is splitting and breaking away, these are all key signs that repair work needs to be completed. Get these home improvements done in summer so you can enjoy your yard properly but also so that they’re fixed and sealed before the wet winter months come along.

New windows

Summer is definitely the best month for the new window installation, for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which is that it’s far more bearable to deal with the absence of windows in the summer than in the winter! A technical reason is that caulk adheres much better in warmer weather than it does in the cold. Vinyl and aluminum also expand and contract with different temperatures, so installing your windows in winter means that the caulk could split as it expands when summer rolls around, so it’s smarter to do it when the weather is warmer.

Landscaping and yard work

Another home improvement to tackle in summer is landscaping and yard work. It makes sense to complete the work when you’re dealing with fewer rainy days simply from a practical standpoint, plus it’s a good time of year to plant your trees, bushes and plants.

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