5 ways to use extra space in a large bedroom

While furnishing a small room can sometimes be challenging, decorating a large room can be equally difficult. It’s easy to end up with wasted space when you have a large room, particularly when it’s the bedroom, as you need to strike a balance between filling the space but also avoiding it looking cluttered. If you’re working with a large area and you need some inspiration, here are 5 great ways to use up wasted or extra space in a large bedroom that you might not have thought of.

Match the size of your furniture to the room

It’s important that your furniture matches the space that it’s in. A large, grand four-poster bed would look beautiful in a large room with high ceilings however it would look out of proportion in a small room with low ceilings. Think about how your furniture will sit compared to the height of your space. Tall furniture, such as a bed frame, book case, tall backs on chairs or sofas, and large light fixtures all look great in a large bedroom with a high ceiling.

Hang bedside lamps

There are so many great bedside lamps on the market nowadays, and one trend at the moment is to have hanging bedside lamps. Opt for a low-slung pendant light that hangs from the ceiling next to your bed with an oversized bulb to help fill some of the wasted space but also create a contemporary feel.

Install built-in storage

Built-in storage is very striking and it’s a great way to use up wasted space in a large bedroom. It allows you to maximize every inch of your space, create custom storage solutions and match the design with the feel of the room. Don’t forget about the added touches such as nice door handles and lighting inside, too.

Add a custom closet

If you have a lot of space to play with in your bedroom, there’s nothing to say you can’t add an extra room altogether. Use the extra space to crate a small en-suite bathroom or alternatively, a custom walk-in closet.

Pay attention to awkward spaces

Slanted walls, small alcoves and awkward spaces can all be quite hard to use, so they often go to waste. However, all you need to do is think creatively as even the smallest of spaces can still be used in one way or another. Get custom-made shelving installed into small alcoves in your bedroom so you can use it to store blankets, cushions you’re not using or to display trinkets and ornaments. You could also place a small armchair in lower areas below eaves so the space isn’t wasted.

Looking for other ideas and ways to use up wasted space in  a large bedroom? Get in touch with us today to talk more about how you can effectively use your space.

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