Simple ways to fix up the master bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedroom, so it makes sense for it to be a peaceful, beautiful space that you can truly feel relaxed in. There are so many great ways to decorate and renovate a master bedroom, and whatever the size of your room there are plenty of creative improvements you can make to revamp your space. In this post we have compiled a few of our favourite, yet most simple ways to fix up a master bedroom in case you need some inspiration.

Neutral tones

One of the simplest ways to fix up a master bedroom is to decorate it. Neutral tones are very on-trend at the moment and they can make your space feel brighter, airier and more modern. Create a gallery wall of photos to add some character to the walls, invest in a large mirror to make your space feel bigger, and inject pops of colour into the room through accessories such as cushions and throws.

New lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures can make a huge difference to a space. If your master bedroom is quite simple and uncluttered, a large lighting fixture can really bring your design together. We recommend getting a dimmer switch, so that you can decide how bright you want your lights to be depending on your mood and time of day.

Built in closets

Built in closets are not only wonderful for space saving, they look very classy and streamlined too. Built in closets allow you to fully make the most of your space, and better yet, custom closets allow you to completely tailor your closet to the contours of your bedroom. Opt for a white finish for a fresh, modern look, or darker wood for a more traditional and warm design.

Panel moulding

Panel moulding is a great addition if you want to give your bedroom a clean, elegant look. There are many moulding profiles from which to choose, as well as types of wood to use, and you can choose a design that fits the style of your room. Go for moulding on the walls, on the ceiling or around the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. The options are endless, so talk with your local contractor about the type of style you want to create in your master bedroom.

Ensuite bathroom

Another of our favourite ways to fix up a master bedroom is to add an ensuite bathroom. This can really help to increase the value of your home as it’s a very desirable addition to a master bedroom, and you don’t even need a huge amount of space to create one. If you have a very large bedroom, you could even create a walk-in closet that leads into an ensuite for ultimate luxury and convenience.

Looking for other simple ways to fix up the master bedroom? Contact us to discuss some of your options.


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