Benefits of Spring Renovations

Spring is almost upon us so that means warmer weather and longer days are on their way! If you’ve decided that this year is all about renovating your house, now is the best time to start planning the work. There’s no question that there are many benefits of spring renovations, and we naturally want to give our home a refresh in spring after the winter months, so it’s a great time of year. Here are a few reasons to renovate in spring and things to think about.
Prepare your home for summer

An obvious benefit of spring renovations is that your home will be new and improved in time for summer. Many people opt for summer renovations, but that means the work may not be completed until the fall and you can’t fully enjoy your space. With a spring reno, you can plan summer entertaining and decorating and prepare your home for the summer months.

Better weather

Here in the lower mainland winters are wet and this can delay construction if you opt for a winter project. That’s why spring is a great time – the weather is a little drier and warmer and days are longer, so when you’re replacing doors and windows and some of your home is exposed, it won’t be as uncomfortable if you’re still living at home while the work is being done.


Your front or back yard will no doubt be affected when you do a renovation, whether you’re extending or your yard simply becomes a storage ground for all the materials. One of the benefits of spring renovations is that once the work is done, you can then complete any landscaping work, start planting trees and shrubbery, and fully complete the final touches. It’s often hard to do a lot of that in winter due to the weather and climate, so spring is ideal.

Get the contractor you want

Contractors can book up quickly especially in the summer, so spring is a great time as you’re able to beat the crowds and book your ideal contractor. We recommend booking your contractor at least a month in advance, so you get your desired dates and team to work on your project.

These are just a few of the benefits of spring renovations. If you want to chat more about your Vancouver home and how you can renovate this spring, get in touch with us today to start a conversation.

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