How to make a statement wall in your home

One great way to spruce up the decor in your home is to add a statement wall. Whether you’re wanting to update on a budget or you really want to splash out, it’s not too difficult to make a statement wall in your home, and it can completely transform a space. They’re very common in living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, but the great thing is you can get creative and design your space as you like. If you have a blank slate to work with, statement walls do as they say – they make a statement – and can make your home look ultra-trendy and elegant. Here’s how to make a statement wall in your home if you’re seeking ideas and inspiration!

Think outside the box

If you’re wondering how to make a statement wall in your home, you may find comfort in knowing that there really are no rules! The great thing is that you can think outside the box and design your wall to suit your space. Whether you want a beautiful built-in bookshelf, a gallery wall, bold wallpaper or a fireplace, you can be as creative as you like.

Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are very popular and a simple, easy way to transform a space. Gallery walls usually consist of a number of photo frames, as well as small mirrors and artwork, to create a personal gallery. Mix and match the colour of your frames as well as the design according to the style of your space.

Paint it!

One very simple way to create a statement wall is to paint it a bold colour. If the rest of your home is fairly neutral, opt for a strong colour on one wall to add some character. Make sure the wall contrasts with the furniture to add a real pop. You could also consider patterned or textured wallpaper instead.

Invest in moulding

Another great way to make a statement wall in your home is to invest in moulding. Consider adding moulding to the entire wall, the ceiling, or even just the baseboard to add depth to your wall and an elegant touch. Moulding works very well combined with a gallery wall, as it’s still simple but equally very classic. Speak with your local contractor about what kind of moulding will be best for your space and to discuss designs.

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