The Budget Build and an Affordable Dream House

As professionals with years of renovations under our belt, we’ve heard the term ‘dream house‘ thrown around quite often.

It’s just part of the industry.

To us, it simply means the perfect home as seen through the eyes of the person describing the kind of place in which they’d love to live. But that’s probably because we see how often dreams become reality at our job sites. It’s kind of our thing, making those dreams a reality, so we’re used to it.

But when we ponder why the term dream house is used so often, it makes us think that perhaps it’s because homeowners don’t view the type of house they’d love to live in as a real possibility, it’s simply a dream.

So in the spirit of sharing something we see every day and showing people dreams come true more often than we’d think, let’s take a look at a few ways you could make your dream home a reality.

The Creatively Sourced DIY Project

If you spent any amount of time watching the countless home improvement shows that can stream across our screens, you’ve probably already come across this penny-pinching method of creating a dream home.

Simply put, you need to get a bit creative with where you find your building materials and be ready to get a bit dirty to make this one a reality.

Probably the best example of this methodology comes from a couple that turned a boat resting by the River Thames into a little section of heaven by sourcing everything they could second hand, even reusing an old gym floor to make up much of the home’s interior.

So with a little ingenuity, a healthy dose of hands-on experience, and maybe the patience to wait until the right piece comes along, you could adopt this method as your go-to for creating a dream house of your own, sans the River Thames, of course.

The Blank Cheque

It might be true that money can’t buy happiness but when it comes to dream homes, it might be able to buy what it takes to make those dreams a reality.

So if you’re the type with a cool $63-million just burning a hole in your pocket, you could take a look at making one of Canada’s most expensive homes a part of your reality.

Hey, it’s one way of making dream homes a reality, nonetheless.

Professional Dream (House) Makers

If you’re not the type to scour yard sales looking to reclaim wood slats from old sofas or aren’t sitting on a few extra million dollars, you could always take the more sensible route and hire professionals that have built a reputation out of creating dream homes for others at affordable rates.

To us, that’s the way we’d go about making our dreams a reality, but we might be a little biased.

So if you’re like us and you’re ready to stop dreaming about the home you’d love to own, give us a call!

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